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Great websites aren’t just well-designed, they’re well written, too – we’ll show you how

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A good website is deceptively simple. It’s easy to find your way around and the words are warm, welcoming and easy to read. Good website design is usually best left to the experts, but even they can’t always help with the content – the words or ‘copy’; that’s usually the client’s job. If you are responsible for providing website content for your business or organisation, do you feel confident about it and understand fully what’s involved? It’s not like writing for brochures and newsletters, for instance.

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Writing For The Web

There are some special issues that affect the way we write for the web. Sometimes copy has to be written for SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – and if it’s not done well it can make what the visitor to your website reads seem stilted and artificial – and off-putting. Writing for SEO means including key words that are important if search engines like Google are to find your website easily and rank it as high as possible. That means people looking for what you’re offering find you before they find your competitors.

Today it is also a legal requirement that a website complies with accessibility standards for people with disabilities and this may affect what is written on the site. This workshop is for anyone who writes text for their organisation’s website or who commissions web editors or copywriters and needs to understand both what they should do and why they should do it. We will give you the skills and the confidence you need to start writing clearly and concisely, to encourage people to linger on your web pages – to make the pages ‘sticky’.


As with most Today’s PA courses, Writing For The Web is presented in a highly participative and interactive way. The one-day workshop will cover:

  • Writing concisely
  • Understanding the differences between hard copy documents and the web
  • Tips and techniques for writing clear and easy-to-read copy
  • Why style and consistency is important
  • Accessibility through good presentation
  • Images and iconography
  • Effectively-written website copy has a direct impact on the success of your website as your shop window or online information portal. Why not make sure you’ve got the necessary skills to make your website as good as it can be and sign up for this course today?

The cost of the course includes all refreshments, as well as a hot à la carte lunch. You will also receive a certificate of attendance and a complete pack of course materials.

Our Philosophy

Courses and workshops from Indiquo are designed to engage and entertain, as well as inform – that’s how we can promise to make what can seem to be the dullest of subjects interesting. Our trainers have real-world experience at all levels of the organisation, so they speak your language and understand your issues and problems. And because they have ‘been there and done that’, they know how to get straight to the heart of every subject.

Our trainers ensure they keep right up to date with cultural and procedural changes in office life by engaging closely with course participants and building relationships with workshop attendees that endure long after the courses are over.


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