We offer a variety of classes on many topics and specialties. Suited for individuals and large organisations.

Note Taking


From the basics to most advanced topics.

Advanced Class


Achieving good teamwork is not always easy.

Board Plan


How to effectively guide your staff.

Mark Anthony

Our Expertise

To design the intervention that best suits your present needs, we want to work with you. When this is apparent, we have at our disposal a world of wealth. 

One-to-one instruction, long or short courses, open-learning content, immersive methods or internet programmes may be the final distribution. If that is what you need, they can relate to recognized credentials, and can be distributed to small or large groups, in the locations of your business or ours. 

Our key skill is in personal communication, but we can provide several different types of training, because we believe that it makes a real difference to the success of every company.

Latest Essays

We love to explore a variety of subjects and bring you a small preview of some of the subject matter covered in our advanced classes.