Telephone Skills

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Become your organisation’s best ambassador when you’re on the ’phone

You are dedicated to your job and committed to doing it to the very best of your abilities. You know and believe that delivering excellent service is not only very easy but also rewarding, yet we all have our stories of terrible service. So why is poor customer service so widespread? We will be looking at what excellent telephone service looks and feels like; the impact on individuals, teams and the organisation.

This workshop will provide a focus on improving your confidence and competence and taking the stress out of telephone dealings with customers within and outside the organisation.

After an intensive day attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand what excellent customer service is; what employers expect from staff and the impact of poor service on the organisation
  • Undergo a skills check on your own style and delivery of excellent service – before and after the workshop
  • Understand the challenges of telephone communication and cover:
    • Taking incoming calls
    • Making a call – opening, structuring and controlling the call, including ‘cold calling’
  • Understand what effective communication is and cover:
    • Creating a professional image
    • Listening techniques
    • Asking the right questions
    • Assertiveness
    • Building rapport
    • Using the voice
    • The importance of behaviour and respecting diversity
    • Exploring how to improve their selling and negotiating skills
  • Be better at responding to difficult situations
  • Explore ‘closing’ the customer interaction, including:
    • Recording and clarifying information.
    • Taking a ’phone message
  • Have practised taking and making calls
  • Have developed your own personal action plan

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The cost of the course includes all refreshments, as well as a hot à la carte lunch. You will also receive a certificate of attendance and a complete pack of course materials.

Our Philosophy

Courses and workshops from Indiquo are designed to engage and entertain, as well as inform – that’s how we can promise to make what can seem to be the dullest of subjects interesting. Our trainers have real-world experience at all levels of the organisation, so they speak your language and understand your issues and problems. And because they have ‘been there and done that’, they know how to get straight to the heart of every subject.

Our trainers ensure they keep right up to date with cultural and procedural changes in office life by engaging closely with course participants and building relationships with workshop attendees that endure long after the courses are over.