Our Mission

We imagine motivated individuals working creatively together to enhance the effectiveness of projects and organizations, whether the challenge is domestic or commercial, democratic, economic or charitable.

Our Mission Statement

“Life could be more of a dance in the future than a drudge with the basic steps and abilities gained early in life, constantly constructing into complicated, complex teamwork patterns that would produce more energy than they consume.”

1. To build learning environments with personal and technical support that are inspiring, enjoyable and well-resourced.

2. To promote positive change in individuals and community.

3. To display and foster skilful relationships that provide dignity and respect for all human beings.

4. To question conservative attitudes that stop people and groups from exploiting their capacity for excellence.

5. In ways that are both cohesive and imaginative, to do all of the above.


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Why Choose Us

We believe that we are more than just ‘agents for change’ because we have a set of quick, friendly, skill-tools that are effective in empowering your organization’s individuals to become their own ‘agents for change.’ In this way, the results of our feedback are long lasting.

Suited to You

We approach projects step-by-step, towards an agreed goal, with the full involvement and understanding of our Clients at each step.


Our processes are transparent: no ‘black boxes’.

Guaranteed Results

Our track record proves it: you're guaranteed top quality results,

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are the best in the field, and they go above and beyond for each client.

ALW Expert Team

Some of our top rated instructors and teachers

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Troy Anderson

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Mark Anthony

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Samantha Wood