Educational Approach

Every teacher or institution will often have its own approach when it comes to education.

We strongly believe in ours, and the results are proving us right.

  • We are people who are fascinated equally by the processes of change and the benefits of change for an organisation and for groups of individuals within an organisation.


  • We are also fascinated by how we learn. How you, your people and clients can learn about both their own process of learning and how they can learn faster about the needs, effective organisation, quality products and services of your business.


  • We approach projects step-by-step, towards an agreed goal, with the full involvement and understanding of our Clients at each step.
Quiet Library
Group Planning
Leadership Class
Student Walking
  • We Listen to your brief – what you want, and what that will do for you / your organisation:
  • We Propose how we can input towards your achieving this;
  • We Listen Again – to your feedback, to refine our proposal, so that we are all agreed on:
    • What exactly you want;
    • What exactly this will do for you / your organisation;
    • How your ‘success’ will be measured;
    • What our input will be; and
    • How our ‘success’ will be measured.
  • We believe in working appropriately for each client’s situation and are – therefore – equally comfortable with:
  • organisational, individual and group projects;
  • multi-person sessions and one to one sessions;
  • brainstorming, problem-solving sessions, idea-generation sessions, strategy reviews,

ALW Expert Team

Some of our top rated instructors and teachers

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Troy Anderson

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Mark Anthony

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